Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

The world financial system is changing; these companies are leading the way in Innovative Ecommerce solutions for payments, rewards and digital currencies

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technologies

These tech companies are revolutionizing communication technology over mobile devices by providing unique mobile solutions to keep up with the new world of mobile computing.

Computer Technologies

Computer Technologies

These companies are the best small to mid size Computer Technology Companies around the world; learn why they are great investments.

manufacturing and robotics

Manufacturing and Robotics

These companies are leading innovation for the manufacturing and robotics industry, investing in automation save time and money.

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Latest Tech News

Musk's defamation win may reset legal landscape for social media
((This December 6 story is refiled to fix typo in quote in paragraph nine))
  • Tesla boss Elon Musk wins defamation trial over his 'pedo guy' tweet
    Tesla Inc boss Elon Musk emerged victorious on Friday from a closely watched defamation trial as a federal court jury swiftly rejected the $190 million...
  • ..." class="lightTip" target="_blank" >Amazon to open new office in Manhattan in 2021 Inc said on Friday it would open a new office in New York's Manhattan to house its consumer and advertising teams.
  • Tesla Inc boss Elon Musk wins defamation trial over 'pedo guy' tweet
    A U.S. District Court jury in Los Angeles on Friday found in favor of Tesla Inc boss Elon Musk in the defamation lawsuit brought...
  • U.S. lawmaker says Uber must take action after disclosing sexual assault reports
    The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee urged Uber Technologies Inc to take action after the company disclosed on Thursday it received over...
  • Brazil court says delivery app Loggi must formalize ties with couriers
    Brazilian delivery app Loggi must formalize work relationships with its motorbike drivers and pay charities 30 million reais as a fine for not previously contracting...
  • Amazon websites could be added to USTR's 'Notorious Markets' list: WSJ
    The Trump administration is considering putting some of Inc's overseas websites on a list of global marketplaces known for counterfeit goods, the Wall Street...
  • Swedish start-up Epidemic Sound tunes into demand for original music
    Epidemic Sound, backed by Spotify's investors, is one of a new wave of music companies expanding rapidly on the back of demand for easy access...
  • U.S. FTC finds Cambridge Analytica deceived Facebook users
    U.S. regulators on Friday said they had found now-defunct British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica deceived consumers about the collection of Facebook Inc data for...
  • Uber says it received over 3,000 reports of sexual assault in U.S. in 2018
    Ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies Inc said it received over 3,000 reports of sexual assault related to its 1.3 billion rides in the United States last...
  • Exclusive: China's SenseTime expects $750 mln 2019 revenue despite U.S. ban - sources
    Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up SenseTime, which Washington put on a trade blacklist in October, expects its 2019 revenue to increase by more than 200%...
  • Trade war goes digital: countries eye tariffs on Internet economy
    A 20-year global moratorium on imposing tariffs on digital trade could end next week if India or South Africa makes good on threats, according to...
  • China-built Tesla cars secure new energy vehicle subsidies
    Tesla Inc said on Friday its Chinese-built Model 3 cars would receive state subsidies, a move that will help the U.S. electric vehicle maker's...
  • Telefonica to choose another supplier alongside Huawei for 5G network
    Telefonica will buy some of the core equipment for its planned 5G mobile network in Spain from Chinese telecoms giant Huawei but also choose a...
  • Bilibili inks three-year contract to broadcast League of Legends in China
    Chinese video site Bilibili said on Friday it had agreed to a three-year contract to domestically broadcast events linked to the world's most popular desktop...
  • Labor group accuses Google of illegally firing workers to stifle unionism
    The Communications Workers of America union filed a federal labor charge against Alphabet Inc's Google on Thursday, accusing the company of unlawfully firing four...
  • No apology to Elon Musk from British diver at 'pedo guy' defamation trial
    The British cave explorer suing Elon Musk for calling him a "pedo guy" on Twitter testified on Thursday that his criticism of the Tesla Inc...
  • Japan Display creditors could extend commitment lines by 3 months -sources
    Apple supplier Japan Display Inc is likely to get a three-month extension for commitment lines worth 107 billion yen ($985 million) from its three main...
  • Google co-founders step aside as Pichai takes helm of parent Alphabet
    Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping aside as leaders of the Internet behemoth they founded 21 years ago, ending an extraordinary run...
  • Gold is shinning bright in 2014

    Gold is already up $120 in 2014.  

    Gold Bars

    Maybe it’s time investors revisit the gold story, with physical shortages and willing buyers, we may never see under $1250 an ounce again. 

    While gold it not the most exciting tech story, there is a good chance that gold will be reintroduced into the monetary system for commerce and payments. 


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    Cannabis stocks get High.

    Cannabis Leaf

    The medical marijuana industry is get higher and higher as Gov't. deregulation goes main stream. 

    These companies are lighting up your portfolio returns.


    Read more ...

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    Bio Tech

    These companies are leading the way in Bio Tech Industry with innovative research, trials and patents for the new drugs and cures coming to the medical industry.

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    Health & Medical

    These companies making miracles happen in the medical and health care industry with life changing products and services, investing in these health tech companies will improve lives.

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    Green Tech

    These Green Tech Companies are leading the way in the “Going Green Revolution” by introducing green technologies to bring Eco-Friendly products, services and solutions to market.

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    Energy Technology

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